We're Through

by Extar

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Here's a new song, it's called 'We're Through'. It was another attempt to try and stick to a completely formulaic pop song structure. Because I'm a pop star. So you've got the old double verse, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, double chorus structure. Unsurprisingly, the song is pretty much done at 3:30 if you don't count the outro, so that was a win. It's pretty easy to come up with a six minute song that just goes on and on. Trying to fit everything into this structure was a good set of rules to stop the recording becoming a bloated mess.

It's been a while since I've done a song with some heavy guitars so this was a good opportunity to dust off the Pod and attempt to come up with some heavy riffs. The last time I really did anything like this was on Straw Man, three(!) years ago. Interesting how that's about the same time I was leaving another shit job.


The animals are running the zoo,
Tapping on the glass, looking through,
The things I was afraid of don't bother me any more,
The yoke around my neck, now it's on the floor.

I know that tone of voice,
I know how this record goes,
I've seen this scene before,
I know what you're going to say.

You belittle with every little word you say,
You forget what you said the other day,
You don't appreciate anyone but you,
You think I'll take it well guess what now we're through.

I thought I'd let you know,
It's time I let you go,
You cannot change my mind,
You're too proud to try.

I assign,
I deny,
I withhold,
You comply,
I delete,
I disconnect,
I contemplate,
You reject.


released August 18, 2017




Extar Heckmondwike, UK

Extar is the output for my home recordings. I record and play all the instruments myself with varying degrees of competence and to varying degrees of success. Most of my stuff is faintly industrial since I like using a drum machine. I have a massive appreciation for Nine Inch Nails and various other industrial bands. I also like metal, so you'll hear a lot of that too. ... more

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