Won't You

by Extar

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Desperate to wrap things up by the end of the year, here's a new song. It's called 'Won't You' and has nothing to do with Simple Minds. I was determined to come up with a song that uses an unusual time signature and it became clear to me why I hardly ever explore in this area: it makes everything really difficult--to begin with at least. This almost ended up as an instrumental since creating lyrics and a melody were very difficult. So yes, if you like your music to have had difficult and traumatic births then click on.


Morning comes with no sunlight,
There is no one else in sight,
Moving on so silentyly,
Seething violently.

Electric lines are overhead,
Alleged lies are overheard,
Comfort covered in frost,
Something I thought I'd lost.

Won't you try to carry me,
Won't you try to comfort me,
Try to help me get closer to,
Being someone good who's for you.

Another time, another place,
Another life I left behind,
Someone is calling me,
Desperate to remind.

It says that it was a friend,
But I have no memory,
Of it ever helping me,
Showing any sympathy.

It enters through the mouth,
And leaves a hole inside,
No one will understand,
No one will confide.

And after all I've tried,
I'm still stuck I'm still in here,
Still waiting for something,
Still, so afraid in fear.


released December 21, 2015




Extar Heckmondwike, UK

Extar is the output for my home recordings. I record and play all the instruments myself with varying degrees of competence and to varying degrees of success. Most of my stuff is faintly industrial since I like using a drum machine. I have a massive appreciation for Nine Inch Nails and various other industrial bands. I also like metal, so you'll hear a lot of that too. ... more

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