by Extar

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Recent songs collected together.


released December 31, 2018




Extar Heckmondwike, UK

Extar is Extar is Extar.

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Track Name: We're Through
The animals are running the zoo,
Tapping on the glass, looking through,
The things I was afraid of don't bother me any more,
The yoke around my neck, now it's on the floor.

I know that tone of voice,
I know how this record goes,
I've seen this scene before,
I know what you're going to say.

You belittle with every little word you say,
You forget what you said the other day,
You don't appreciate anyone but you,
You think I'll take it well guess what now we're through.

I thought I'd let you know,
It's time I let you go,
You cannot change my mind,
You're too proud to try.

I assign,
I deny,
I withhold,
You comply,
I delete,
I disconnect,
I contemplate,
You reject.
Track Name: Escape
It's not improving, this sinking ship,
I'll give it a chance before I run and hide.

Something is taking me away,
Mixed intentions collide.

The plans didn't go this far,
I just went along for the ride.

Things had started to make sense,
Then I switched on my consciousness,
Put myself in control,
Now I'm left out in the cold.

Is there a face behind the mask,
Is it all somebody's plan.

What do they want of me?
Escape as soon as I can.
Track Name: Won't You
Morning comes with no sunlight,
There is no one else in sight,
Moving on so silentyly,
Seething violently.

Electric lines are overhead,
Alleged lies are overheard,
Comfort covered in frost,
Something I thought I'd lost.

Won't you try to carry me,
Won't you try to comfort me,
Try to help me get closer to,
Being someone good who's for you.

Another time, another place,
Another life I left behind,
Someone is calling me,
Desperate to remind.

It says that it was a friend,
But I have no memory,
Of it ever helping me,
Showing any sympathy.

It enters through the mouth,
And leaves a hole inside,
No one will understand,
No one will confide.

And after all I've tried,
I'm still stuck I'm still in here,
Still waiting for something,
Still, so afraid in fear.
Track Name: Erasing Faces 2
Start the system, Look at the time,
Get no signal, Cross the line,
Your hopes and dreams, Across the screen,
Nothing written, Nothing seen,
Awaiting comments, Words and thoughts,
Beneath the skin, Left within,
No opinions, No remorse,
Taking solace, In others thoughts.

It's all in focus becoming clear,
Erasing faces nothing left here,
Your eyes are empty shell for a heart,
Erasing faces so far apart.

First you breathe, then you swallow,
All your mistakes, Leave you hollow,
Trying so hard, Just can't find,
You're on the ground, You're out of time,
Anger seeping, Into your head,
Spinning round, What others said,
It has no meaning, You do not know,
What you just said, Is just for show.

You just can't find what you're looking for,
You'll never know there is no more,
In the distance you think you see,
How you used to, who you could be.

It's all a game when you're inside,
It doesn't matter enjoy the ride,
Taking pictures of a life,
You cannot live you cannot hide.
Track Name: Less Than One
I listen,
When you spoke,
I'm breathing,
Second hand smoke,

Nothing changes,
Out of time,
Walking in the rain,
Feeling fine.

Making promises,
Yours not mine,
All the history,
Kept online.

Nothing lost or gained,
Zero sum,
No one left to blame,
Less than one.

I listen,
I'm breathing,
Zero sum,
Less than one.

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